Recycled Waste-Made Sneakers : Effekt Footwear

Recycled Waste-Made Sneakers : Effekt Footwear

The Austrian-based start-up company, Effekt Footwear, launched the brand’s first sneaky called the Alchemy:X. This innovative project uses 90% ocean plastic and recycled fashion industry waste to make up the sneaker. The start-up brand is on a mission to clean the planet and create a positive change through its footwear.

Deemed the “world’s most rubbish sneakers,” the footwear brand spent 18 months researching adequate materials and designs that blend modern-day alchemy with upcycled waste materials. Effekt Footwear channeled medieval chemistry by turning waste into comfortable and sustainable sneakers. The handmade sneakers boast colored, speckled soles and a sleek, black colorway. Effekt hopes to gain knowledge on consumer sentiments regarding the reuse of materials through this innovative product launch.

Image Credit: Designboom


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