Justin Turner trips over third base

Justin Turner trips over third base

Justin Turner knows all about the Fall Classic. On Sunday in San Diego, he experienced a classic fall.

The Dodgers third baseman fought off the blinding sun to see the ball into his glove. He just forgot there was a base on the ground in front of him. After making the catch on a towering popup, Turner tripped over the third-base bag and took a tumble, ending up flat on his stomach in the infield dirt. Luckily he was able to laugh about it, and his teammates did the same. Pitcher Trevor Bauer looked over at his third baseman and made an emphatic safe motion.

If you’re scoring at home, nothing to see here, just your run-of-the-mill F5.

Source: https://www.mlb.com/dodgers/news/justin-turner-trips-over-third-base

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