These Chelsea fans select which position club must prioritise this summer – Talk Chelsea

These Chelsea fans select which position club must prioritise this summer – Talk Chelsea

Here is the second in my series of summer transfer related polls.

Yesterday we started it off by asking you which striker the club must prioritise this summer, and our voters made their choice here.

Chelsea have a genuine interest in signing Sergio Aguero this summer. For that and a whole lot more of the latest Chelsea transfer updates, check out my personal news website here and the latest update from our insider.

Today we have decided to roll it back a little and try and decide on which position the club must target this summer as a point of priority.

Tomorrow we will probably ask which player you want the club to prioritise in a certain position.

But for now, we had almost 8,000 Chelsea fans voting, and this is a poll that caused plenty of stir and disagreements (just peep the comments!)

So this was never going to be straight forward, and there have been decent arguments for all positions.

But the bottom line is, 58.6% of our voters want us to prioritise a striker first this summer, followed by a defensive midfielder, in which 25.2% of our voters chose.

Only 6.6% of our voters chose a centre back, which is quite surprising and I know would have had a different result entirely if I had asked this back at Christmas time!

Personally, I agree with the poll results, we still need a top class striker, a true goal scorer and one who is ready-made. We could end up losing both Olivier Giroud and Tammy Abraham this summer, so this is something that will need addressing the most.

Totally understand the big calls for a defensive midfielder as well though, I believe this is another position we really must prioritise in the summer.

If only we can pick both, right? Well let’s hope we can!



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