Spot-Fading Skincare Supplements : dietary skin supplement

Spot-Fading Skincare Supplements : dietary skin supplement

Alongside hard-working skincare patches to fade breakouts and dark spots, ZitSticka offers dietary skin supplements to address common concerns from the inside out, including the all-new Blur Potion to even out and fade discoloration. The antioxidant-packed capsules are full of Vitamin E and A, grapeseed extract and other beneficial ingredients. Blur Potion boasts a formula with “clinically proven ingredients to reduce post-zit dark spots, sun spots and melasma within 12 weeks.”

The daily supplement specifically speaks to those with melasma, sunspots and post-zit dark spots, and those who desire a healing approach that works from the inside out. This product exists along with the brand’s topical patches, which tackle the issues in the opposite way.

Blur Potion joins Skin Discipline, which is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to prevent breakouts.


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