Skin Icing Cubes : contour cube

Skin Icing Cubes : contour cube

Inspired by skincare icing to tighten pores, depuff eyes and enhance the skin’s overall radiance, TikTok user @sanny_au saw a demand for a product that would save people from having to use their fingers directly on an ice cube, and the Contour Cube was born. After designing and 3D printing a prototype, the design has been made available via Sanny Skincare, so that people can create their own frozen blocks to apply ice to the face with ease.

Due to the nature of the product, the Contour Cube allows for plenty of customization when it comes to creating icy concoctions with more than just water. Sanny Skincare has a library of ice cube beauty recipes like Lemon Water, Rose Water, Coconut Milk, Green Tea and Cucumber Water.


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