Single-Use CBD Tinctures : snap packets

Single-Use CBD Tinctures : snap packets

Barker Wellness’ tinctures can be purchased by the bottle, but they’re also packaged into single-use snap packets for ease of use. The Sleep Snap Packet and the Rise Snap Packet boast 16 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD, plus CBG or CBN and different flavors to suit different times of the day. While the enlivening Rise variety boasts a coffee flavor, the Sleep formula shares a blueberry vanilla flavor to inspire rest and relaxation, as well as getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Barker Wellness, founded by wellness advocate, drummer, record producer and songwriter Travis Barker of blink-182, makes CBD-infused, THC-free, vegan products to support optimal physical and mental health. Barker credits CBD with helping him beat Ambien dependency and incorporate more natural ways of winding down.


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