[General Discussion] Around the Horn – 4/8/21

[General Discussion] Around the Horn – 4/8/21

So what's this thread for?

  • Discussion of yesterday's games
  • Excitement for today's games
  • General questions
  • Mildly interesting facts
  • Praising Santa 🎅
  • Anything else worth sharing/asking that doesn't warrant its own post

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Featured posts and links

Day Feature
Sunday 4/4 Sunday Night Baseball Game Thread: White Sox at Angels at 8:37 PM EDT
Happy Birthday to Hall of Famer Tris Speaker (1888)!
Happy Easter!
Monday 4/5 RBaseball Weekly Podcast – Episode 16: Interview with Toronto Star Columnist Mike Wilner, Opening Day Trivia, and a Roundup of this Weekends Big Series
r/baseball Power Rankings: Week 1
As divisive as it is, it's National Deep Dish Pizza Day!
Tuesday 4/6 Happy Birthday to a trio of Hall of Famers: Bert Blyleven (1951), Mickey Cochrane (1903), Ernie Lombardi (1908)!
Raise a glass, because 88 years ago tomorrow President Roosevelt ended Prohibition. It's New Beer's Eve!
Wednesday 4/7 Happy Birthday to Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr (1918), and future Hall of Famer (?) Adrian Beltre (1979)!
Raise a glass, because it's National Beer Day!
Thursday 4/8 Division Discussion: The Easts
Happy Birthday to two more Hall of Famers: Gary Carter (1954), Catfish Hunter (1946), and future Hall of Famer (?) Felix Hernandez (1986)!
National Empanada Day!
Friday 4/9 Friday Compliment Thread
National Unicorn Day!
Saturday 4/10 Ahh, yes…
Happy Birthday to Hall of Famer Ross Youngs (1897), and Ken Griffey Jr's dad: Ken Griffey (1950)!
They may ultimately be a fraction of your life, but you're their whole life. It's National Hug Your Dog Day!
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